Meet the Surf Ratz

Just who are these gnarly rodent refugees from Rat Island? Find out more about the gang below…

About the Ratz

So, you wanna get to know the Surf Ratz? Well you’re in the right place, dudes!

Curtis – Meet Curtis, leader of our gang. A rather cool surfer dude and definitely the most stylish of the gang. A thoughtful adventurer who knows his limitations. Furthermore, you’ll also get to play as Curtis in the Surf Ratz game.

– The strongest of the Surf Ratz. Psych is the impetuous hothead of the group. A bull in a china shop, he can seem like a grenade in a wetsuit. It seems as though everything runs at full speed with Psych!

Rokka – With his cool shades and magic carpet surfboard, Rokka is obviously quick on the draw. When he’s not surfing, he’s also a skilled graffiti artist. His paintings are often so unreal that they actually become REAL!

Scratch – The cool ruler of the surf. The tallest and wisest. And he thinks deeply about everything Which is why his answers are often long and thought out. He’s a keen student of Langoustine the Master Crustacean.

Also Featuring

– The “Master Crustacean”. A solitary existence in a busy coastal rock pool enabled Langoustine to observe and absorb life as it passed. It helped him develop his inner peace, his immense calm and deep wisdom. A reliable friend and ally to the Surf Ratz. He is also the essential source of their Enchanted Seaweed supply! Awesome!

Big Malo
– And finally, Big Malo. This obese, mutant pelican is the dedicated henchman to the evil Rattasak; enemy of the Surf Ratz. Short tempered and ignorant, this bully-boy enjoys fast food and little else! His bungling ways rarely result in his evil aspirations quite going to plan. He’s essentially a bad tempered angry bird just throwing his weight around!