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Curtis' Top 10 Surfing Tips

Hey dudes and dudettes, Curtis here! So you've waxed your board, donned your wetsuit and are looking to dive into the crazy world of surfing? Well, we Surf Ratz have got a few tips for all you groms out there so you don't paddle out looking like a kook. Listen up and you'll be pulling off aerials on the Cali surf sooner than you think!


Top 10 Surfing Tips


1. Get in the community spirit

Surfing may be an individual sport but as one we’re an awesome community! Respect surfing etiquette and your fellow surfers trying to catch some gnarly waves too. No one’s going to think you’re a cool dude or dudette if you’re dropping in on them all the time. 


2. Get the right weather

No one wants to rock up to the beach on a grey day when the sea is wack. Before you dash to the shore check ahead to see if the conditions are sweet for a surfing sesh. 


3. Learn the sea

Riding through the barrel of the wave looks badass but you need the initiative to find those waves first. Surfing legend Kelly Slater puts a lot of his success down to reading the sea well so be sure to watch where the waves are breaking and where any of the dangerous spots might be before you paddle out. 


4. Pace yourself

Those massive waves can look mighty tempting to shred but they can send even the sickest riders over the falls. When you're starting outlook for a decent-sized break that isn't too crowded so you have rad and comfortable time. At the end of the day, Laird Hamilton is right in saying, "we're all equal before a wave." 


5. Stay in shape

Surfing is an exhausting full-body sport! You don’t need to get ripped but you'll want some mega swimming skills and once you've caught the surfing bug you’ll want the stamina to ride the waves all day. 

6. Sort your equipment

Getting the right board and gear is a big part of being a killer surfer. Start with a simple board before working your way up to the pro gear and be sure to keep it leashed to your ankle. You don’t want it bumping into your head if you lose control! 


7. Practise, practise, practise

Skills like popping up will send you bailing the first few times. Nail the technique on land first and you’ll have it mastered for when it really matters and you're gliding along some sick surf! tips8

8. Expect to fail

No one goes from grom to Kelly Slater in a single surf! Chillax: all those wipeouts and pearls are part of becoming a better surfer. Learn from them and you’ll be carving through the waves in no time. And like Gary Sirota says: "Unlike anything else in life, the stoke of surfing is so high that the failures quickly fade from memory.” 


9. Surf safely

When you’re surfing it’s like you’re fighting to tame Mother Nature herself, and she can be hella fierce. Don’t be a dork: surf safe by watching out for other riders and keep an eye out for any dangers around you. 


10. Most importantly, have fun!

Surfing is the raddest sport out there so enjoy your time riding the waves and always remember that “the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun!"

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