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Top 10 Celebrity Surfers


1. Chris Hemsworth

 "Fair Dinkum Bro'!"

When he's not busy being the god of thunder, Chris Hemsworth often takes to the waves. An Australian native, Chris and his bros Liam and Luke grew up surfing together in Victoria. 



2. Jack Johnson
"A real Surf Rat!"

The youngest invitee to make the finale for the Pipeline Masters at age 17, Jack Johnson had a promising career in surfing. However, a week later he wiped out so hard he needed 150 stitches and ended up losing a few teeth. It was at that point that he wisely started taking some time off from surfing and creating some killer music.



3. Tom Morey

 "All hail the Sultan of Surf!"

This dude knows his surfing. He began at the age of 17, back in 1952. Since then, he's managed to organize the first pro surfing contest and has used his creative mind to design an array of cool surf and bodyboards, changing how surfers experience the waves. He’s even a close friend of the Surf Ratz!


4. Charlize Theron


Thank god for bodyboards! Our pal Tom Morey's design in action! She's not out there with a longboard, but Charlize Theron was so fierce as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road that we don't care.

5. Layne Beachley

Curtis_Silo "Rippin'!"

Layne’s one of the most awesome, most influential women in the surfing world. She's won the Women's World Champion title seven times and has the most consecutive world titles out of all surfers, male or female. Talk about a fierce dudette!


6. Kirk Hammett

 "Rockin' with the rollers!"

Lead guitarist for most excellent rockers Metallica, this dude's been surfing since 2002. His sweet moves have been spotted all over - in Hawaii, Portugal, Australia, and Morocco.

7. Kelly Slater

  "Da Mamie!"

It's no surprise this surf legend made it onto our list. The 11-time World Champion totally redefined professional surfing forever. We're also a bit jealous of all of the far-out destinations his career has taken him to. 


8. Gisele Bundchen

 "This Brazilian is no bunny!"

When she's not busy modeling or acting, Gisele and famous NFL husband Tom Brady often spend time surfing together. They've been spotted all over, including tropical Costa Rica.


 9. Alessandra Ambrosio

 "Totally awesome!"

This Brazilian native and Victoria's Secret model not only showcases luxury surf brands, but also her mad surf skills. She can often be spotted at the best surf spots in Hawaii.


 10. Curtis


Last but not least, it’s our very own Curtis! He’s all about keeping himself in peak surfing condition and always makes sure to make sure his skills are hella fierce. This highly competitive surf rat knows how to ride a wave and dreams of winning all the surf competitions to be the best aquatic athlete in the world.

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