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Welcome to Surf Ratz!

Feb 04, 2020
Welcome to Surf Ratz!
Welcome to Surf Ratz! Gnarly surf dudes Curtis, Scratch, Psych and Rokka are stoked that you're checkin'. These Rat Island refugees are killer surfers themselves (the clue's in the name) - and can be seen hanging-five, soul archin’ and basically rippin' the waves in their own digital comic and web/mobile game. You might find something or other in there about transmutifyin’ evil animals with luminous green seaweed, too. But that's just the world of surf ratz, where hamsters are gangsters and goldfish are sharks. Get used to it! The Surf Ratz have been lucky enough to team up with Cali surf-legend Tom Morey to shape their boards and provide surf wisdom with a professional’s touch - aiming to deliver shaping expertise and the joy of surfing to the new generation. Surf Ratz has created boards, clothes, shoes and accessories for the surf-mad groms among us. But with the Surf Ratz game and comics soon available on web, iOS and Android devices, Surf Ratz is available to everyone, from kooks to kahunas! We've got a lot in store for our four awesome Ratz, who'll have to deal with everything from spiritual crustaceans and surfing competitions to, oh, y'know, saving the world. With the game just around the corner from release and new comics every month, check back here for updates, art, surf blogs, giveaways and announcements. It's gonna be nollie, bro.

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