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Introducing Surf-Ratz - The Game

Hey dudes and dudettes, Curtis here! Check this out, there's a stormin' new game on the horizon and it's heading your way. I'm the star of my own game. That's me, right there. How sick is that? I'm so hyped for it that I had to come here and tell you all about the Surf-Ratz game that's taking off on the App. Store and on Google Play.


If you've been following the rest of our wild adventures you'll know that Rattasack has unleashed his mutant army at all the sweetest surf spots across the land. These mutated gulls, sharks, hamsters (especially the hamsters!) and other sinister creatures are driving all the surfers from the seas. It's a bummer, man, but it's all part of the game! My "Ratapault" is loaded, I have a full tank of enchanted seaweed, and with your help, we're gonna cure those beach bums, get 'em outta there and send Rattasack packing for good. Listen in and I'll tell you how! Master Crustacean Langoustine has busted out some sick seaweed slingshots for us, the Ratapault, to take the fight back to the mutant menace. I've seen these beastly things in action already - the seaweed splatters everywhere - and I can tell you those bovine hamsters don't stand a chance! Now, I know you're no grom when it comes to gaming so we're gonna be one killer duo. If we combine my mad surf talent with your gnarly gaming skills we'll wipe out those posers and turn their Mutant HQ into a beach party! 


I promise you all, the Surf-Ratz game is one action-packed surfari tour!

Even better? If you get a gnarly high score - Tweet it to me, Curtis! There are prizes up for grabs for the most epic scores!   
Later dudes!

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