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Introducing Surf Ratz - The Digital Comic
Aloha, groms! We're hella amped today - can you guess why? Nah, we ain't hostin' a massive surf-o-rama. But we are tellin' all you big kahunas that today you can get your paws on an awesome sneak preview of the Surf Ratz digital comic! The whole peachy series isn’t kicking off for a few weeks yet, but we'd thought we'd treat you to a taste of the badassery in advance. Join the Surf Ratz on their major adventures through surf, sand, and, uh, giganto mini-rats in mecha gear. Because what better way is there to restore peace, harmony and all that good shazzam than to surf around bein' awesome and transmogrifying muties into cute fluffy things? You just gotta trust us on this one. The Surf Ratz comics have been rampin' up for over a year now, and now's the time we get to bask in righteous glory and show 'em to the world. The sneak preview is a standalone three-parter called Mutant Mayhem, and stars our brodents in a pretty sharky situation. Curtis and the Ratz come face to face with the rat of all evil when they're kidnapped by Rattasack's mutant army. Shrimptellectual Langoustine's the only one who can save them - but at what cost, dudes? If you like whatcha see, you’ll be able to grab the comics from the App Store or Google Play when the whole series begins. Then you can tap, swipe and surf your way along with the Ratz on whatever device you fancy. Tubular! We can't wait to see what ya think.

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