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SURF-RATZ: Guide to Surfer Slang Part 1

The Surf-Ratz share their favorite Surfer Slang terms, straight from the mouths of the Californian surf community.

Curtis’ Favs

  1. Stoked – Excited about something, e.g. “I’m stoked about my new Surf-Ratz Spitfire board”.
  2. Air…get airborne above the lip of the wave could do 180 or 360 and land still riding the wave
  3. Floater – Come up off the face of the wave and ride on the top after the wave has feathered.
  4. Wipe-out – Falling off your board while riding the wave and getting churned under the wall of water.
  5. Shwack – A radical and abrupt power move from the top to the bottom of the wave


Rokka’s Favs

  1. Drop-in – Taking off in front of another surfer who already is deeper and in position on the wave.
  2. Goofy Foot – Surfing with your right foot forward on the surfboard
  3. Regular Foot – Left foot forward when surfing
  4. Outside – a set of waves coming on the horizon; called out by surfers to get ready for more moves
  5. Sick – Something that is considered really good.
  6. Duck Dive – Push the nose of your board down and dive under the oncoming wave while on the board.




Scratch’s Favs

  1. Gnarly – extremely difficult, risky and challenging.
  2. Kook – a surfer who is a beginner or inexperienced. 
  3. Tube – the inside of the wave.
  4. Barreled – riding inside the tube of the wave.
  5. Green Room – inside the tube of the wave; eg. in the green room
  6. Overhead – when the waves are breaking above the height of the surfers.




    Psych’s Favs

     Men in Grey Suits – Psych! (translation: Sharks)


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